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Ariane 18
3824MB Amersfoort
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Wat wij doen: Assuring the safe delivery; from a conductors baton to a concert piano, from a cigarette lighter to 64 channel mixer. With over 30 years of experience, PG Cases can safely state it's flightcases are of the highest quality. Backed up by numerous satisfied customers, we can manufacture any flightcase, in just about any size and shape.Example of a cello flightcase PG Cases uses the latest design (CAD; Computer Aided Design) and manufacturing technologies. Only the best materials are being used in the assembly of our flightcases; lightweight aluminium, steel corners, durable laminated wood and never failing locks make our flightcases a well worth investment.From the beginning PG Cases has been specialized in manufacturing flightcases for (symphony) orchestras, ballet groups, opera companies and music libraries. Using PG Cases Cello's, harps and many more delicate musical instruments have reached their stage or pit in excellent condition.The last 10 years we have incorporated the world of PA, Pop and television production. With each area having it's specific demands on design and manufacturing we have build up a large array of different flightcase types for you to consider. Specialiteiten: transport cases, flightcasesDoelgroep: Bedrijven, ParticulierenDiensten: verkoop flightcasesProducten: Flightcases for orchestras, classical instruments, opera companies, ballet groups, music libraries, Flightcases for PA companies, Pop applications, electrical equipment